domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009



What’s this? It’s a notebook

What’s this? It’s a pencil

What are these? They’re a keys

What’s this? It’s an umbrella

What’s this? It’s a cake


What’s your name?
My name is rafael.

What are you doing right now?
In this moment i studying geometry.

What trimester are you in?
I am in the first trimeste.

Are you a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior? I am a freshman.

What are you favorite subjects?
My favorite subjects are English mathematics language.

What classes are you taking this trimester?
This trimester I am taking the classes from English, math, geometry and language.

What are you doing in your classes?
I write in my books.

What school do you go to?
I am go to URBE.

Hi I’m Rafael but you callme Rafa in my room are a laptop, a digital camera, a cd player, a cell phone, a bed, a tv, a window, a notebook an answering machine.My favorite items are my tv because I watching movies there and my laptop because I communicate with my friends and she also serves to look for information to me.
According to my opinion the perfect gift for me it's a car, because is a transport means that allow me to go to many places and to make different activities.

lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

Rafael Valera

Born: 26 June 1992
Birthplace: Maracaibo, Venezuela
my name is Rafael Valera.
im 17 years old,
I am studying in URBE.(universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin)
i studied primary and secundary education in the institution
Antonio Rosmini.
in my free time i like to watch tv, use the computer, and go out
with my friends.
sometimes work in the family business the weekends in the morning.
my parents are called Ana and Jose better known as Lupe and Rafael,
I have a brother and sister they are still in secundary school.
I want to be a successful industrial engineer and work in another country, so
I have to learn other lenguages.
i don't have more to say about me so i say goodbye.